Month: May 2022

FAQ : Taking a cab with baby in Paris

Public transport is not convenient… But can you take a cab with baby? Most importantly: how safe is it?

According to French regulation, children in cars must be placed in seats adapted to their weight and/or age… except for cabs, for which there is no obligation!

So… How do we do it?

With the companies babycabs and cabs.baby, you can make your trips by cab with baby in all serenity. These family-friendly cab companies will provide you with the safety and comfort you need in a cab with baby.

If you are renting a stroller, we recommend that you choose a stroller with a car seat. The shells can be used as a car seat for children up to 15 months.

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Rental for newborns : baby carriage, bed, co-sleeping and bouncer in Paris

Here are some of our products, you can rent in Paris, designed for newborns: a baby carriage to enjoy family visits in Paris with baby completely lying down, a cosleeping cradle for more peaceful nights and a bouncer for the comfort of everyone at home.

We start with the Babyzen YOYO newborn pram, compact, comfortable and light.

Features :

  • Fully reclined newborn nest 
  • Footcover and head support
  • 5 points security harness
  • Easy to access basket
  • Centralized brake on the 2 back wheels
  • 4 wheels suspension for a soft drive 
  • Shoulder-strap to carry the stroller like a bag

Delivered with rain protection and carrying bag.
From birth till 6 months (13 kg max.)
Starting from : €77 / 3d – €89 / week.

Discover this Chicco Next2Me co sleeper bassinet. Even when you are on vacation with your baby, you can put him/her close to you and enjoy a peaceful night.

Features :

  • Can be used as a co-sleeping crib attached to parents bed or as a stand-alone crib
  • Easy to attach or remove from parents bed with a strap
  • 6 height positions to adapt to parents bed height (35 to 52 cm)
  • Articulated feet 
  • Can be inclined at either end using the 6 height positions individually adjustable on each side
  • Can be inclined at either end using the 6 height positions individually adjustable on each side
  • Rounded and cocooning shape
  • Soft, removable and washable lining
  • 5 cm mattress included
  • 2 wheels with break
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Transport and storage bag included

Suitable from birth till 6 months (9 kgs maximum). 
Delivered with mattress protection and cotton fitted sheet. 
Starting from : €54 / 3d – €62 / week.

With friends, at the grandparents’ or at the hotel? Take advantage of this Chicco EasyRelax bouncer, which adapts comfortably to all situations.

Features :

  • Fixed or “rocking” position.
  • 3-point harness. 
  • Ergonomic seat. 
  • Backrest adjustable to several positions.

Suitable from birth up to 6 months (max. 9kgs)
Starting from : €15 / 3d – €19 / week.

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