[cafe-restaurant] Café Pinson in Le Marais – Paris 3rd

Café Pinson is a café and restaurant with several distinctive features: 

  • it is a 100% baby-friendly (otherwise it would not be presented on this blog 😉 ): high chair and changing station available for baby. And for older children a kid-size wicker seat and a bucket of toys,
  • wide opening times: café Pinson is open 9am – 10pm, Monday-Friday (open on Saturday and Sunday as well with more restrictive opening times) for a café, a fresh juice, a lunch, a snack, a drink, a diner… the place serves food all day long,
  • but it is mostly in the plate that the place shows its most distinctive features: café Pinson serves vegetarian, organic, wheat-free, diairy-free food! Menu is different everyday and can be found (in French) on their website.
  • all dishes available to take away as well.

In few words, a nice place for a stop with baby, in the heart of le Marais.

Café Pinson
6 rue du Forez 75003 Paris
Tel: 09 83 82 53 53

PS: Café Pinson opened a 2nd address in the 10th arrondissement, at 58 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

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[Walking with baby] Champ de Mars with baby – Paris 7e

Visiting Paris always goes by going on top on the Eiffel Tower. However, once you are in the area remember to takes time to relax in your long visits days. From the top of the Eiffel Tower, between Parisian buildings, a green area is visible. The Champ de Mars is the ideal place for a picnic with your children, with the wonderful view of the symbol of France.  This park contains wonderful areas for your children to enjoy Paris, away from tourists and Eiffel tower key chains sellers.

The 1913 Carousel has seen two world wars. It is still in function and works mechanically. Take a ride with the Old Paris, next to the Eiffel Tower. It is at the corner of Avenue Charles Risley and Avenue Pierre Loti. A traditional Middle Age game is offered on the carousel, with a stick, children have to hit in a circle.

A more recent carousel is also in the Champ de Mars, on the other way.

When sunny days show up in Paris, pay attention around you, poneys and donkeys are trespassing. Children are able to ride them for a small price. Also pedal cars might appearing in the Eiffel Tower Park, another occasion for your children to try traditional games.

And of course, several snack places are always situated not too far away from these activities.
A calmer activity to enjoy with your family will be the puppet show. Look carefully on the date. It will be offered only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and day offs. The website is http://guignolduchampdemars.centerblog.net

If none of these interest you, or are closed, playgrounds will always be in the Champs de Mars, and for free.

Away from fun, here’s a wonderful website on Paris Champ de Mars panoramas www.parisvirtualtour.com

Here are all information relatives to these activities
Map of these activities

Manège 1913
Website: http://www.manege1913paris.com
Open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (8 p.m.  in winter)
Location: corner of Charles Risler avenue and Pierre Loti avenue

Snack Le Châlet du Manège Website: http://www.manege1913paris.com/
Open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (8 p.m. in winter)
Location: corner of Charles Risler avenue and Pierre Loti avenue

Location: Charles Risler avenue
One for +18 months One for +6 y/o

Le Manège à Lutins
Location: On the right from the Human Right monument, when entering from Belgrade avenue

Snack La Bonbonnière de Marie
Location: Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur

Playground with swing
Location: On the right from the Human Right monument, when entering from Belgrade avenue

Poney rides
Location: 2 allée Adrienne Lecrouveur

Pedal car
Website: http://www.parisvirtualtour.com/fr/photographie-spherique-panoramique-360/hiver-au-jardin-du-champ-de-mars/voitures-pedales/
Location: Risler Avenue

Puppet Show
Website: http://guignolduchampdemars.centerblog.net/
Location: Allée du général Marguerite Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

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[cafe and workshops] Un Air De Famille – Paris 10th

In the 10th arrondissement, surruounded by schools (3 of them in the same street), Un Air de Famille is a true family cafe. 😉

Parents from the neighborhood get in to discuss about the last news in the school facing the street… And after school children from the schools nearby join there for a snack and some activities. A light-full café – with its large windows – delicious dishes for lunch, cakes for snack time – and a large room for some games and activities.

Un Air De Famille
26 rue du Chateau Landon
75010 Paris
Tel :

Restaurant opened for lunch Monday-Friday, 12noon – 3pm

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[cafe] Monument Cafe – Versailles

When staying in Paris for few days, most of you will have a trip to Versailles castle with kids, to enjoy castle and gardens visit.

Few steps away, have a break in Monument Café, cafe who claims to be “cafe for families, travelers and curious ones”, that is fully true!

A spacious soft-designed café, offering several self-service menus for lunch and snack. Its decoration is made of pictures of the castle and gardens, completed with a mural interactive model map.

And to welcome families this café is equipped with high chair, changing facilities and kid-toilets. The staff also organizes city tours for everyone, in French or English.

Monument Café
1 rue Maréchal Joffre
78000 Versailles
Tel : +33 (0) 1 39 66 07 12

Open Monday – Thursday from 11am – 4pm / Friday 11am – 10pm / Saturday 9am – 10pm / Sunday 9am – 7pm

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[restaurant in Paris] Travel highchair hire

To go to restaurant in Paris with baby, you may:
– choose a family-friendly café or restaurant
– have baby in his stroller during mealtime, quite convenient with very a young baby, it can become tricky with a toddler
– or use a travel highchair and have your “grown-up” seated with you

Just because we had many times parents asking us how to manage in restaurants in Paris with their children when restaurants are not equipped with highchairs, we’ve added this travel seat to our range of baby equipment rental catalog.

Planing a trip to Paris with young kids? You usually do not need a travel chair?
Add the Baby To Love seat to your baby equipment rental, we’ll deliver it to your holidays rental in Paris and you’ll be able to enjoy any cafes and restaurants with your toddler.

This seat is suitable for children who can seat unsupported and for a maximum weight of 16 kgs. This seat is designed to adapt to any standard chair and can be installed in few seconds only.

See baby seat details and/or book it here.

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[changing baby] Les Halles – Paris 1er

Very convenient, ideally located in the center of Paris!

These are the Forum des Halles “Espace Bébé” – changing facilities in Forum des Halles . Located in Rambuteau zone, level -1, zone Berger zone level -3, Berger zone level -4.

To know, access is charged 0,50 €. It is equipped with a changing table, water and a micro-waves oven.

Good to know as well – for those who did not hire a buggy in Paris 😉 – the Forum des Halles shopping mall lends buggies for little tired legs (we’ve not seen any during our visit, do not hesitate to comment if you’ve taken advantage of this service).

Forum des Halles, Rambuteau stairs –
facing 120 rue Rambuteau – 75001 Paris
Information here.

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Libellule et Coccinelle bookshop

In the 9th arrondissement, find out this nice children bookshop.

The booksellers will make you discover great French and bilingual books for children aged 0 – 18 year.

They also organize several workshops (tales and nursery rhymes, lecture, contes et comptines, initiation to music, initiation to baby massage,…). You can enroll for 1 workshop or for a full period.

Come in at 2 rue Turgot (métro Anvers or Barbès).
Phone: 09 53 11 01 61
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 7pm (6pm on Sunday)
Libellule et Coccinelle bookshop Facebook page here.

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[family-friendly café] Square Gardette – Paris 11th

No, I’m not talking about a public garden, but about the family-friendly cafe-restaurant that is (almost) facing it : the Square Gardette.

In the 11th arrondissement, this café and restaurant welcomes a lot of local families, especially on week-ends. A large room, tables and chairs of course, but also a “living room” with a couch.

And in the “living room”, a box of toys ready for kids to enjoy them. The place is decorated like an old appartment, with books and all kind of objects here and there (don’t miss the “storage room” …the toilets…worse the visit).

A high chair is available (but no changing facilities).

Le Square Gardette
24 rue St Ambroise
75011 Paris
Tel 01 83 76 04 70

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[cafe with a stroller] Café Central Paris 7è

Staying or visiting the 7th arrondissement with baby?
Have a walk to rue Clerc, a pedestrian street in which food shops – vegetables, cheese, fine food, …- are side by side with fashion shops. In the center of the street (and of the arrondissement), you’ll find the Café Central with its terrace and its large inside Parisian café decorated room.

Space between tables (inside) will allow you to navigate with  baby in its stroller or install him next to you.

Café offers a (bamboo) high chair and a changing table is available in the (ladies) restroom.

Café Central
5 rue du Champ de Mars (rue Clerc corner)
75007 Paris
Tel: +33 1 47 05 00 53

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[kid-friendly tea-room] Une mère une fille à Paris 15th

A great address we found out recently in the 15th arrondissement: it is together a family-friendly tea-room, a second-hand shop and workshops place offering plenty of activities: baby carrying, baby-gym, baby-music, knitting, cooking,…there are workshops for everyone, for children from 2 and for adults.

Some workshops are suitable for parents and children with limited French. Of course the place is 100% child-friendly with play-room, child-toilet, changing mat… Enter Une mère une fille à Paris you’ll be welcome like at home.

Une mère une fille à Paris
43 boulevard Garibaldi
75015 Paris
Tel : 09 54 04 04 80

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