Our answsers to your questions about baby equipment rental:

Baby equipment rental: products

What equipment can I hire?

We offer a wide range of products (pushchairs/strollers, high chairs, baby loungers, car seats...even toys). Nearly 30 different products are available.

Our products are all from well-known international brands (Graco, Chicco, Babymoov...) and comply with European standards. The equipment rented is purchased new and kept in very good condition. 

Instrucions for use are supplied systematically. 

Are products available?

Our stock allows to cover more than 95% of bookings. In case products are not available, we'll inform you as quickly as possible (and within 24h maximum - working days) and will do our best to offer an alternative option. Our website unfortunatly does not manage products availability.

How do you clean the equipment? 

After each baby equipment rentals, our equipment is carefully inspected and disinfected with cleaning products used in nurseries.


I'm looking for a baby gate to rent

Unfortunatly, we are not able to offer this product for rental. All baby gates complying with French/EU regulations need to be set up by screwing their support. Temporary usage is then impossible.

Why do you offer products for sale?

Just to make your stay easier! We provide nappies/diapers, wipes, baby food...all the basics required for a maximum safety and comfort!

Can I buy a product I rented? what are the terms?

Yes, of course! Contact us, we'll make you a quote and will deduct rental amount from the price.